Oliver Schaef Photography

  1. Playa del Famara at sun set and low tide

  2. lowers meets the moon

  3. Down the cliffs

  4. Beautiful colors of the volcanos surrounding us

  5. Balinese women on the way to the temple for the ceremony

  6. Wake up in the mid night, climb a volcano for watching a beautiful sunrise..

  7. Again walking through the rice fields at sunset time near Ubud

  8. Walking through the rice fields at sunset time near Ubud

  9. now, the entrance to our Surfcamp is save

  10. As well the local cows are enjoying the endless beach of Medewi ;-)

  11. In the caldera next to Mt. Batur...

  12. Climbing up the volcano Mt. Batur to see the amazing sun rise...

  13. Rice fields close to Ubud

  14. Enjoying the colourful sunset on the beach close to Medewi

  15. Looking to the huge volcanos of the next island Java

  16. Bodega Beach...

  17. Driving the A1 to the south back to San Francisco

  18. The Esmeralda Bay of the Lake Tahoe... where we were cayaking

  19. A create place for a hike!

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